All you can eat pasta!

All you can eat pasta!

Aside from our regular all day menu, we really like to do specials at Same Same Hangout just to offer you something you can’t easily find in Kuta Lombok. One of our most popular specials is definitely our all you can eat pasta!

What can you expect, you wonder?
Well, on our regular menu we have two vegan pasta’s: a pasta funghi and an pesto pasta with grilled veggies. We serve generous portions, accompanied by a few slices of bread to top them off. For the meat lovers among you, we have the possibility to add chicken, beef chorizzo or roast beef to your pasta.

This way it’s a win for everybody, right? Well, almost everybody…
Even though we serve Belgian portions (read: big portions 🙂 ), there will still be people that would like to have an extra serving… or two…

That’s where our all you can eat pasta comes in! You start out with one portion and if you’re still a bit hungry, you just order another portion. For free. And then maybe another portion. For free.
Great deal!

There are only two rules for our all you can eat pasta special:
1. It’s not available for take away or delivery
2. You eat what you order. If you order more and you can’t finish it all, we put all your portions on your bill 🙂

If you’re a pasta lover and you’ve got a big appetite, I’m pretty sure we’ll see you soon at Same Same Hangout!

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