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Grill Your Own in Kuta Lombok!

If you’re looking for something different to do, a grill your own in Kuta Lombok is exactly what you need!
Whether you’re celebrating someone’s birthday, you have an anniversary coming up or you are just looking for a fun night to spend with your loved ones, our table barbecue option will guarantee a night to remember!

How does Grill Your Own work?

All you need to do is shoot us a message a few days beforehand so we have time to prepare your Grill Your Own for you. Together we’ll discuss the number of people and your preferences regarding the food that would be provided for you. Maybe you have a few vegan people joining, you’re all great seafood lovers and would like extra prawns or someone is allergic to gluten… We will make sure all the dishes that you see appearing on the table are in tune with your group specifically!

What can you expect?

After we’ve discussed exactly what you like and need, it’s time for you to sit back and look forward to your Grill Your Own. Meanwhile we will start ordering, preparing, marinating and cooking.
On the night itself you just need to show up, sit down, order drinks and let us spoil you! Your table barbecues will be all set up and soon the table will be full of food to share around. Meats, fish, prawns, tempe, tofu, veggies, mushrooms, etc to grill yourself of course. But also a bunch of side dishes like a nice pasta salad, baked potatoes, bread and hot as well as cold veggies. And don’t worry: the bowls that we put on the table are all refillable until EVERYBODY is full and satisfied!

Book your Grill Your Own in Kuta Lombok!

Reading this has probably made you hungry already… Well writing this has made us want to start preparing another great for someone again!
That means there is only one thing for you to do: get in touch and book your Grill Your Own in Kuta Lombok now!
Send us a message via or e-mail us at and we’ll get right back to you!

See you soon for your grilling session!

And if you’d like to have a look at our full menu, just click on through here!

All you can eat pasta!

Aside from our regular all day menu, we really like to do specials at Same Same Hangout just to offer you something you can’t easily find in Kuta Lombok. One of our most popular specials is definitely our all you can eat pasta!

What can you expect, you wonder?
Well, on our regular menu we have two vegan pasta’s: a pasta funghi and an pesto pasta with grilled veggies. We serve generous portions, accompanied by a few slices of bread to top them off. For the meat lovers among you, we have the possibility to add chicken, beef chorizzo or roast beef to your pasta.

This way it’s a win for everybody, right? Well, almost everybody…
Even though we serve Belgian portions (read: big portions πŸ™‚ ), there will still be people that would like to have an extra serving… or two…

That’s where our all you can eat pasta comes in! You start out with one portion and if you’re still a bit hungry, you just order another portion. For free. And then maybe another portion. For free.
Great deal!

There are only two rules for our all you can eat pasta special:
1. It’s not available for take away or delivery
2. You eat what you order. If you order more and you can’t finish it all, we put all your portions on your bill πŸ™‚

If you’re a pasta lover and you’ve got a big appetite, I’m pretty sure we’ll see you soon at Same Same Hangout!

Play games @ Same Same Hangout!

If you’re looking for a place to play board games in Kuta Lombok, then Same Same Hangout is your place to be. We have a big variety of board and card games available for your entertainment! While you’re waiting for your food or enjoying your drinks. Or if you’re just looking for a fun time with your loved ones… Just choose a game and let the loser pay the bill πŸ™‚

It’s not only families with kids that use our games. Many couples as well as groups of friends have had great times at Same Same Hangout playing games for hours. It’s really great to see people having fun!

There are so many beautiful things to see here and great places to go and explore! But sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and relax for a while. To ground yourself and take the time to enjoy where you are. Not pack your days full of trips and outings. Just be here and enjoy your time.

We’ve always felt that Kuta is a great place to do just that. This town has everything you need right here, so it’s the perfect place for a break from your busy travel schedule.

Same Same Hangout was created to make you feel like you’ve just come home. There are books, magazines, sofa’s, hammocks, fun singalong music and… GAMES! Our WiFi is one of the best in town so feel free to have your own little movie night in one of our gazebo’s if you like.

As long as we see you’re having a great time and that you’re feeling at home here, we’re good. We wouldn’t want it any other way!
So just breathe, take a break and come for a read, a hanging around session or to play games in Kuta Lombok!

SAME SAME Hangout a Co-working space in Kuta Lombok?

SAME SAME Hangout is mainly a relaxing, quiet restaurant that serves home made dishes and comfort food.

However, more and more people come, not only to hangout with friends and family, but to do some work.

And we do understand why. Let’s make a little list that sums up why SAME SAME Hangout can be seen as one of the perfect Co-working spaces in Kuta Lombok

  • Our WiFi is ( one ) of the best in Kuta Lombok. Read here why πŸ˜‰
  • We are the ONLY place that has backup WiFi.
  • We have a generator in case there is a power cut.
  • We have power outlets all over the place.
  • You can sit in one of the berugaks or in the sofa’s for extra comfort and privacy.
  • We serve healthy refreshing drinks.
  • We serve small bites AND sandwiches. Who doesn’t like a freshly made sandwich πŸ˜‰
  • You have the ability to print.

And those are only a few reasons πŸ˜‰

See you soon !

Eco friendly shopping in Kuta Lombok

At Same Same Hangout you can’t only enjoy great food and refreshing drinks, discover craft beers, play games and read books or magazines,… you can also do some eco-friendly shopping while you’re here!

Surely during your travels to Southeast Asia, you’ve noticed the amount of plastic and other waste that fills beaches, streets, rivers and oceans. We see it every day and we’ve had enough! Surely we can participate in the beach clean ups that are organized in the area regularly and live consciously ourselves, but we feel that is not enough.

We try to run our business as environmentally friendly as possible and with our shop, we try to encourage our guests to travel in the same way.
Together with Zero Waste Lombok ( ), a local initiative, we’ve set up a little shop filled with lots of goodies to help save our planet earth. Our range goes from soap and shampoo bars to solid deodorant, shopping bags, beeswax wraps, bamboo toothbrushes, organicups and reusable straws and cutlery. All of our products help reduce plastic waste and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle, which is exactly what we need for our future to start looking a bit brighter.

Our range of handmade jewelry is awaiting you as well to make you look fabulous or to surprise a loved one with! Come in, have a look around and try on some earrings, bracelets or necklaces, all made from natural materials found on our Lombok beaches.

Especially with the holidays coming up, surely you will be able to make lots of people happy with a gift that says ‘I love you AND mother earth’!
Come and do some eco friendly shopping at Same Same Hangout! You’ll go home happy knowing you’ve made yourself or someone else happy and at the same time you’ve contributed to a better future.

Weekly Specials @ Same Same Hangout!

We looooooove to spoil you with the comfort food that is on our daily menu. But it makes us even more happy to really put you in a food coma from time to time! What better way to do this than to put on mouth-watering specials on a weekly basis?

Once a week we serve you something that is not often or never available anywhere else in Kuta Lombok.

That’s why it is called Specials, we love to give you that little bit of extra!

We know you all miss and crave spaghetti and meatballs, pork ribs, vol au vent, meatloaf or a good roast beef, as do we.

We’re more than happy to fill in that void for you of course!

Follow our website, our social media to know what special is on this week!

Feel free to contact us directly for orders or for more info. Even suggestions on something that you really miss and crave are welcome! If it’s possible for us, we’re more than happy to cook you your favorite meal and put you in food heaven!

Welcome to SAME SAME Hangout, Sasak Soul

SAME SAME and Sasak Soul have been talking for a long time about working together. And finally we are. They moved their office in our new location.

While you enjoy some food and drinks, you can talk about your next surfing adventure.

Sasak Soul, provides surflessons, for beginners, but also intermidieates. Also surfing guide, board rental, rash hire, surf photography,… you name it and Sasak Soul provides it. Drop in @ SAME SAME Hangout and plan your next waves !

Who is Sasak Soul?

Sasak Soul is a family run surf school in Lombok, owned by local Sandy and his team of professional instructors. They possess a great deal of love and passion for Lombok and wish to share it with the world. Sasak Soul offers surfing lessons, camps and personalised tours around the island, and because of their unique local knowledge, no surf lesson or camp is ever the same, they’ll provide insights and experiences you simply cannot get elsewhere.

Born and raised in the fishing village of Kuta, Sandy learnt to surf at the age of 6 using a plank of wood. 20 years on he knows the best surf spots on the island and is one of the best teachers around. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or a pro in search of some serious waves he can adapt his lessons and guiding around you to give you a completely personal experience. Maybe if you’re lucky he’ll even show you some secret spots!

Combining outstanding local knowledge, and passion for Lombok, Sasak Soul can create the ultimate authentic experience, whilst maintaining and growing our relationships with locals, and ensuring all our practises are carried out with respect to them, their culture, and to the environment.

We live Lombok. We love Lombok. We are Sasak Soul.

More info ? visit their website:


We’ve tweaked our restaurant menu a few times since we opened last August and we’ve been very happy with the latest version for a while now. We did feel that one thing was still missing that is also very typical for Belgium, especially at lunch time: sandwiches! So we decided to add exactly that for you to enjoy. Grab a sandwich with cheese, chicken, tuna, roast beef or veggies… Eat it here, take it away or get your sandwich delivered for free in Kuta Lombok!

Unique Nightlife @ SAME SAME Hangout

Being located in one of the more residential streets, we had the chance to create a different/unique nightlife vibe in Kuta Lombok.

We decided not to do events like, live bands or live music, well, with a few exceptions of course.

Our tropical garden and the natural feel of our restaurants combined with several lighting effects ( solar lights πŸ˜‰ ), makes SAME SAME Hangout the place it is ment to be. A nice, relaxing, romantic, family and friends friendly location.

We have over 10 games hanging around, so you can enjoy an evening relaxing and having quality time with the people you are traveling with.

The music choice is also unique in Kuta Lombok. Nice tunes that are being played over quality speakers fill the air with loving songs.

May we invite you to come and give us a try?
We promise we won’t let you down.

See you soon !

Bart and Elfi

Eco Friendly!

Living in Lombok makes us very aware of the environmental issues that arise around the world and especially in developing countries such as Indonesia. We feel that we can all contribute to changing this around and have built our place and our menu with exactly that thought in mind.

We’ve used lots of natural materials for the build and decorations and we try to be as eco friendly as possible on a daily basis.

  • stainless steel straws
  • many vegan food options
  • home grown fruits and vegetables
  • lots of solar powered lights
  • as little plastic wrappings as possible
  • hand crafted cups and plates from the local pottery village
  • water refill station open to everyone
  • … and many more little things that help us make this island a little bit cleaner and healthier for everyone.