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Welcome to SAME SAME Hangout, Sasak Soul

SAME SAME and Sasak Soul have been talking for a long time about working together. And finally we are. They moved their office in our new location.

While you enjoy some food and drinks, you can talk about your next surfing adventure.

Sasak Soul, provides surflessons, for beginners, but also intermidieates. Also surfing guide, board rental, rash hire, surf photography,… you name it and Sasak Soul provides it. Drop in @ SAME SAME Hangout and plan your next waves !

Who is Sasak Soul?

Sasak Soul is a family run surf school in Lombok, owned by local Sandy and his team of professional instructors. They possess a great deal of love and passion for Lombok and wish to share it with the world. Sasak Soul offers surfing lessons, camps and personalised tours around the island, and because of their unique local knowledge, no surf lesson or camp is ever the same, they’ll provide insights and experiences you simply cannot get elsewhere.

Born and raised in the fishing village of Kuta, Sandy learnt to surf at the age of 6 using a plank of wood. 20 years on he knows the best surf spots on the island and is one of the best teachers around. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or a pro in search of some serious waves he can adapt his lessons and guiding around you to give you a completely personal experience. Maybe if you’re lucky he’ll even show you some secret spots!

Combining outstanding local knowledge, and passion for Lombok, Sasak Soul can create the ultimate authentic experience, whilst maintaining and growing our relationships with locals, and ensuring all our practises are carried out with respect to them, their culture, and to the environment.

We live Lombok. We love Lombok. We are Sasak Soul.

More info ? visit their website:


We’ve tweaked our restaurant menu a few times since we opened last August and we’ve been very happy with the latest version for a while now. We did feel that one thing was still missing that is also very typical for Belgium, especially at lunch time: sandwiches! So we decided to add exactly that for you to enjoy. Grab a sandwich with cheese, chicken, tuna, roast beef or veggies… Eat it here, take it away or get your sandwich delivered for free in Kuta Lombok!

Eco Friendly!

Living in Lombok makes us very aware of the environmental issues that arise around the world and especially in developing countries such as Indonesia. We feel that we can all contribute to changing this around and have built our place and our menu with exactly that thought in mind.

We’ve used lots of natural materials for the build and decorations and we try to be as eco friendly as possible on a daily basis.

  • stainless steel straws
  • many vegan food options
  • home grown fruits and vegetables
  • lots of solar powered lights
  • as little plastic wrappings as possible
  • hand crafted cups and plates from the local pottery village
  • water refill station open to everyone
  • … and many more little things that help us make this island a little bit cleaner and healthier for everyone.

Birthday Fun @ Same Same Hangout

Is your child’s birthday coming up and are you planning a fun day to celebrate the occasion?

Then let us help you out!

We’ll provide food and drinks for the kids and you can use our tropical garden for fun and games.

Of course the restaurant tables can be used for cake time and our kitchen is open for any parents that would like to have some food or drinks.

We also offer extra services such as birthday pictures for an extra charge. Just tell us what you need to make this day perfect!

Featured Post

Every Day, Happy Hour !

At SAME SAME Hangout, every day we have Happy hour !

Come and join us from 16.00 – 19.00 and have some drinks and food.

You can relax in our tropical garden or listen to the nice tunes in our restaurant.

30 % of on Bintang
15 % of on Imported Beers ( we have lots of them 😉 )

See you soon !

Belgian Beers Arrived !

Our first one is….

Winner of the World Beer Awards 2017

While this highly refreshing Belgian white ale may be hard to see through, she is a beer you can enjoy with all your (other) senses!

Revel in her refreshing citrus aromas with touches of coriander…

Feel the fullness of her smooth, grainy texture… And savour the subtle sweetness of her slightly perfumed, honey-like finish. All that remains is to listen to the sound of contentment as you open the next bottle!

Our second one is….

Sipping a Liefmans Fruitesse on the rocks is like taking a city break in Berlin, soaking up the atmosphere in Milan or discovering culture in New York. Take your time to enjoy it in a friendly bar, or chilling out with your friends. So SAME SAME Hangout is the place to be !

This sparkling appetiser beer, with its pale red colour, is at its very best in the stylish, playful Liefmans glass. Enjoy the fresh, intense flavour of strawberries, raspberries, black cherries, elderberries and blueberries.

Bubbling, sparkling and brim-full of fruity flavors, what more could you want for the final touch to a night out? And for a refreshing change, why not try it served on the rocks…

Also on these beers we have our happy hour, 2+1, so buy two get one free !

See you soon !

Featured Post

Fastest WiFi at SAME SAME Hangout, why?

SAME SAME Hangout claims to have the fastest WiFi in Kuta Lombok, but is it really the fastest?

YES and no

Yes, because we really have the fastest fiber line ( 100 Mbps ) that is available in Lombok, in addition to this, we also have added 2 extra lines as backup. When the internet traffic requests more then 100 Mbps, then our backup lines are automatically used.

SAME SAME Hangout provides a total of approximately 235 Mbps, and this is on average 20 times faster then any other restaurant or hotel in ( Kuta ) Lombok.

No, because we use a bandwidth limit of 10 Mbps for every device connecting to our WiFi, 10 Mbps is PLENTY of bandwidth, since watching movie in Full HD on Netflix only requires 5 Mbps. So Skyping or Facetiming and downloading is going to be hassle free.

We will spare you the technical details, but our equipment has the latest technologies and security implementations.
The access points at SAME SAME Hangout have a coverage of 4 times the usual coverage compared to an average modem/router, and we have 6….

So whether you have to do some work, want to backup your holiday pictures or call with friends or family, SAME SAME Hangout got you covered.