Perfect way to start the day


Available from sunrise till sunset.

Get ahead
Start your day the good way

All our breakfasts are served with a side of freshly cut fruits.

Coconut Pancakes vegan
50 k

Breakfast with a smile, literally.
Fluffy pancakes made with coconut milk

French Toast
50 k

The French reinvented toast.
Bread is being dipped in eggs, then fried

Eggs ( 2 ) on Toast
45 k

Choose between sunny side up, scrambled, Plain omelette,...
Served with toasted sourdough and butter
>>> Add an egg - 5k

Big Omelette
55 k

3 eggs, Marinated Mushroom, Onion & Tomato.
Served with toasted sourdough and butter.

45 k

Rolled oats, served with hot OR cold milk.
Upgrade to soy milk for 5k extra

Fruit Bowl
45 k

Bowl of fresh cut fruits.
>>> Add Yoghurt ( 100gr ) + 10k
>>> Add Granola ( 75gr ) + 10k

Hot Stuff
Hot Coffee

Our coffee is made with a Dolce Gusto machine.
Therefore it is not possible to change regular milk to soy milk.
The capsules are being recycled into eco bricks & other eco friendly initiatives.

Espresso Intenso
30 k

Complex and Spicy

Grande Intenso ( Americano )
30 k

Powerfull and full bodied
Add Fresh / Soy / Oat milk for 5 k

Cafe Au Lait
30 k

Bold and Velvety, Coffee roast Medium - High

Flat White
30 k

Harmonious and balanced, Coffee roast medium - dark

Latte Macchiato
35 k

Spectacular and Voluptuous​

35 k

Round & Silky

35 k

Dense and foamy hot chocolate,
made with whole milk and sweet vanilla

Liquid gold
Our Premium Tea Selection

Pure leaf tea purveyor blended with herbs, spices and fruits. These tea blends are sourced from selected tea plantations across Indonesia. All our artisan teas are meticulously processed, blended, and packed by the hands of local women living around the tea factory.

To make it easy for your waiter,
please mention the number 😉

01. Asana Blue
30 k

Tisane Tea with Herbs

02. Pure Chamomile
30 k

Tisane Tea

03. Berrybiscous
30 k

Black Tea with Fruits

04. Ubud Garden
30 k

Green Tea with Herbs

05. Classic Earl Grey
30 k

Black Tea

06. Crysantmint
30 k

Green Tea with Mint and Chrysanthemum

07. Chamomile Lavender
30 k

Green Tea with Chamomile and Lavender

8. Banda Neira
30 k

Black Tea with Herbs

09. Ararya Jasmine
30 k

Green Tea with Jasmine

10. Pandanussa
30 k

Hojicha with Pandan and Cinnamon

11. Cacaotea
30 k

Hojicha with Cocoa

12. Papilio Berry
30 k

Oolong Tea with Fruits

13. Susvada Mango
30 k

Green Tea with Mango

14. Amyra Lychee
30 k

Black Tea

15. Gunpearl
30 k

Single Origin Green Tea

Refresh & recharge
Choose your Juice
35 k

Seasonal fresh fruits. Ask what is available.
Banana, Papaya, Watermelon, Pineapple and Mango

40 k

Lime and Mint mixed with water and ice.
Instant freshness. Squeeze of honey? Ask!

Lime Squash
35 k

Soda water, Lime & Honey

Mixed Juice
40 k

Mix it up, create your own favorite juice.
Or be adventures and let your waiter choose

Papana Magic
40 k

Papaya,Banana & Honey

Aqua Fresca
40 k

Watermelon, Lime & Mint

Jamu - Shot
20 k

Turmeric, Ginger, Tamarind, Black pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Star Anise, Lemongrass, Pandan leaf, Lime, Palm sugar, and himalayan salt.

Menu prices are exclusive of 10% tax and 2% service charge.
Thank you for your understanding!

not just a meal

A great day

We believe that breakfast is not just a meal; it’s a promise of a great day. Our breakfast offerings are thoughtfully crafted to provide the perfect start to your day in Kuta, Lombok. Our menu offers a diverse selection that caters to every palate. Thank you for joining us for a breakfast experience that’s as delightful as the morning sun.

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