Perfect way to start the day

Breakfast Menu

Available from sunrise till sunset.

Get ahead
Start your day the good way

All our breakfasts are served with a side of freshly cut fruits.

Coconut Pancakes vegan
45 k

Breakfast with a smile, literally.
Fluffy pancakes made with coconut milk

French Toast
45 k

The French reinvented toast.
Bread is being dipped in eggs, then fried

Eggs on Toast
45 k

Choose between sunny side up, scrabled, omelette,...
Served with toasted sourdough and butter

45 k

Rolled oats, served with hot OR cold milk.
Upgrade to soy milk for 5k extra

Fruit Bowl
35 k

Bowl of fresh cut fruits.
Add Yoghurt ( 100gr ) + 10k
Add Granola ( 75gr ) + 10k

Hot stuff
Coffee & Tea
Espresso Intenso
30 k

Complex and Spicy

Grande Intenso
30 k

Powerfull and full bodied

Cafe Au Lait
30 k

Bold and Velvety, Coffee roast Medium - High

Flat White
30 k

Harmonious and balanced, Coffee roast medium - dark

Almond Flat White sold out
35 k

Coffee roasted medium, Silky body and Caramel note

Oat Flat White sold out
35 k

Combining rich coffee and subtle toasted oat flavours

Latte Macchiato
35 k

Spectacular and Voluptuous​

35 k

Round & Silky

35 k
Lombok Coffee
25 k

Wake Up like a local, roasted coffee, mixed with rice, then grounded.

Tea in a cup
25 k

Black Tea / Green Tea / Green Tea Matcha / Intense Mint Tea


Fresh milk shot --- 5k
Soy milk shot --- 5k
Make iced --- 5k
Extra Coffee Shot --- 15k

Refresh & recharge
Choose your Juice
30 k

Seasonal fresh fruits. Ask what is available.
Banana, Papaya, Watermelon, Mango,...

35 k

Lime and Mint mixed with water and ice.
Instant freshness. Squeeze of honey? Ask!

Lime Squash
35 k

Soda water, Lime & Honey

Mixed Juice
35 k

Mix it up, create your own favorite juice.
Or be adventures and let your waiter choose

Papana Magic
35 k

Papaya,Banana & Honey

Aqua Fresca
35 k

Watermelon, Lime & Mint

not just a meal

A great day

We believe that breakfast is not just a meal; it’s a promise of a great day. Our breakfast offerings are thoughtfully crafted to provide the perfect start to your day in Kuta, Lombok. Our menu offers a diverse selection that caters to every palate. Thank you for joining us for a breakfast experience that’s as delightful as the morning sun.

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