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Eco friendly shopping @ Same Same Hangout!

At Same Same Hangout you can’t only enjoy great food and refreshing drinks, discover craft beers, play games and read books or magazines,… you can also do some eco-friendly shopping while you’re here!

Surely during your travels to Southeast Asia, you’ve noticed the amount of plastic and other waste that fills beaches, streets, rivers and oceans. We see it every day and we’ve had enough! Surely we can participate in the beach clean ups that are organized in the area regularly and live consciously ourselves, but we feel that is not enough.

We try to run our business as environmentally friendly as possible and with our shop, we try to encourage our guests to travel in the same way.
Together with Zero Waste Lombok ( ), a local initiative, we’ve set up a little shop filled with lots of goodies to help save our planet earth. Our range goes from soap and shampoo bars to solid deodorant, shopping bags, beeswax wraps, bamboo toothbrushes, organicups and reusable straws and cutlery. All of our products help reduce plastic waste and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle, which is exactly what we need for our future to start looking a bit brighter.

Our range of handmade jewelry is awaiting you as well to make you look fabulous or to surprise a loved one with! Come in, have a look around and try on some earrings, bracelets or necklaces, all made from natural materials found on our Lombok beaches.

Especially with the holidays coming up, surely you will be able to make lots of people happy with a gift that says ‘I love you AND mother earth’!
Come and do some eco friendly shopping at Same Same Hangout! You’ll go home happy knowing you’ve made yourself or someone else happy and at the same time you’ve contributed to a better future.

Puff Pastry Parties

We have Belgian stews on the menu all day every day, but on occasion we like to go the full Belgian way and serve them traditional style.
We prepare freshly baked puff pastry bowls, fill them up with your favorite stew, let them overflow a bit as to make sure you are served a very generous portion and add a salad and some creamy mashed potatoes on the side to finish it all off. Then there is nothing left to do than for you to enjoy and for us to feel happy we’ve made you smile!

Eco Friendly!

Living in Lombok makes us very aware of the environmental issues that arise around the world and especially in developing countries such as Indonesia. We feel that we can all contribute to changing this around and have built our place and our menu with exactly that thought in mind.

We’ve used lots of natural materials for the build and decorations and we try to be as eco friendly as possible on a daily basis.

  • stainless steel straws
  • many vegan food options
  • home grown fruits and vegetables
  • lots of solar powered lights
  • as little plastic wrappings as possible
  • hand crafted cups and plates from the local pottery village
  • water refill station open to everyone
  • … and many more little things that help us make this island a little bit cleaner and healthier for everyone.

Birthday Fun @ Same Same Hangout

Is your child’s birthday coming up and are you planning a fun day to celebrate the occasion?

Then let us help you out!

We’ll provide food and drinks for the kids and you can use our tropical garden for fun and games.

Of course the restaurant tables can be used for cake time and our kitchen is open for any parents that would like to have some food or drinks.

We also offer extra services such as birthday pictures for an extra charge. Just tell us what you need to make this day perfect!

Featured Post

Fastest WiFi at SAME SAME Hangout, why?

SAME SAME Hangout claims to have the fastest WiFi in Kuta Lombok, but is it really the fastest?

YES and no

Yes, because we really have the fastest fiber line ( 100 Mbps ) that is available in Lombok, in addition to this, we also have added 2 extra lines as backup. When the internet traffic requests more then 100 Mbps, then our backup lines are automatically used.

SAME SAME Hangout provides a total of approximately 235 Mbps, and this is on average 20 times faster then any other restaurant or hotel in ( Kuta ) Lombok.

No, because we use a bandwidth limit of 10 Mbps for every device connecting to our WiFi, 10 Mbps is PLENTY of bandwidth, since watching movie in Full HD on Netflix only requires 5 Mbps. So Skyping or Facetiming and downloading is going to be hassle free.

We will spare you the technical details, but our equipment has the latest technologies and security implementations.
The access points at SAME SAME Hangout have a coverage of 4 times the usual coverage compared to an average modem/router, and we have 6….

So whether you have to do some work, want to backup your holiday pictures or call with friends or family, SAME SAME Hangout got you covered.