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SAME SAME Hangout a Co-working space in Kuta Lombok?

SAME SAME Hangout is mainly a relaxing, quiet restaurant that serves home made dishes and comfort food.

However, more and more people come, not only to hangout with friends and family, but to do some work.

And we do understand why. Let’s make a little list that sums up why SAME SAME Hangout can be seen as one of the perfect Co-working spaces in Kuta Lombok

  • Our WiFi is ( one ) of the best in Kuta Lombok. Read here why 😉
  • We are the ONLY place that has backup WiFi.
  • We have a generator in case there is a power cut.
  • We have power outlets all over the place.
  • You can sit in one of the berugaks or in the sofa’s for extra comfort and privacy.
  • We serve healthy refreshing drinks.
  • We serve small bites AND sandwiches. Who doesn’t like a freshly made sandwich 😉
  • You have the ability to print.

And those are only a few reasons 😉

See you soon !

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Fastest WiFi at SAME SAME Hangout, why?

SAME SAME Hangout claims to have the fastest WiFi in Kuta Lombok, but is it really the fastest?

YES and no

Yes, because we really have the fastest fiber line ( 100 Mbps ) that is available in Lombok, in addition to this, we also have added 2 extra lines as backup. When the internet traffic requests more then 100 Mbps, then our backup lines are automatically used.

SAME SAME Hangout provides a total of approximately 235 Mbps, and this is on average 20 times faster then any other restaurant or hotel in ( Kuta ) Lombok.

No, because we use a bandwidth limit of 10 Mbps for every device connecting to our WiFi, 10 Mbps is PLENTY of bandwidth, since watching movie in Full HD on Netflix only requires 5 Mbps. So Skyping or Facetiming and downloading is going to be hassle free.

We will spare you the technical details, but our equipment has the latest technologies and security implementations.
The access points at SAME SAME Hangout have a coverage of 4 times the usual coverage compared to an average modem/router, and we have 6….

So whether you have to do some work, want to backup your holiday pictures or call with friends or family, SAME SAME Hangout got you covered.