Dear Digital Nomads,

First and foremost, we extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to all of you to our food cafe. We understand the unique lifestyle and work setup that you embrace, and we want to provide you with a pleasant and productive environment to complement your digital endeavors.

We recognize the growing community of digital nomads, and we admire the flexibility and creativity you bring to your workspaces. As a small business, we strive to create a space that caters not only to our regular diners but also to those who wish to combine work and dining.

We kindly invite you to consider our space as your temporary office space while you work remotely. Our cozy and well-equipped establishment is designed to accommodate your needs, with comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi access, and a relaxing ambiance conducive to productivity.

In return, we respectfully ask that while you work and enjoy our hospitality, you consider making a purchase from our menu. Whether it’s a refreshing beverage, a delicious snack, or a sumptuous meal, your support allows us to maintain this inviting space and continue offering services that cater to digital nomads like you.

Rest assured that our team is committed to providing excellent service and a delightful working experience throughout your stay. Whether you need a quiet corner to concentrate or a social setting to meet fellow nomads, our place is here to meet your requirements.

We sincerely hope you find our restaurant to be a suitable place to carry out your work and enjoy a well-deserved break. Feel free to approach our staff if you have any special requests or require assistance during your time here.

Thank you for considering our humble request, and we look forward to hosting you as you embrace the digital nomad lifestyle at our restaurant.

Best regards,

The owners
Get work done
in paradise

Feel like you need a little bit more comfort?
Need a more powerful internet connection?

We also have a co-working space!

If you’re hanging out at SAME SAME and using it as your office spot, we’d love it if you could grab some food or drinks worth at least 40k every hour. This way we can keep doing what we do. Appreciate it!

Quality & Balance
Our Food Philosophy

Simple, balanced & authentic food.

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