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All you can eat pasta!

Aside from our regular all day menu, we really like to do specials at Same Same Hangout just to offer you something you can’t easily find in Kuta Lombok. One of our most popular specials is definitely our all you can eat pasta!

What can you expect, you wonder?
Well, on our regular menu we have two vegan pasta’s: a pasta funghi and an pesto pasta with grilled veggies. We serve generous portions, accompanied by a few slices of bread to top them off. For the meat lovers among you, we have the possibility to add chicken, beef chorizzo or roast beef to your pasta.

This way it’s a win for everybody, right? Well, almost everybody…
Even though we serve Belgian portions (read: big portions 🙂 ), there will still be people that would like to have an extra serving… or two…

That’s where our all you can eat pasta comes in! You start out with one portion and if you’re still a bit hungry, you just order another portion. For free. And then maybe another portion. For free.
Great deal!

There are only two rules for our all you can eat pasta special:
1. It’s not available for take away or delivery
2. You eat what you order. If you order more and you can’t finish it all, we put all your portions on your bill 🙂

If you’re a pasta lover and you’ve got a big appetite, I’m pretty sure we’ll see you soon at Same Same Hangout!

Weekly Specials @ Same Same Hangout!

We looooooove to spoil you with the comfort food that is on our daily menu. But it makes us even more happy to really put you in a food coma from time to time! What better way to do this than to put on mouth-watering specials on a weekly basis?

Once a week we serve you something that is not often or never available anywhere else in Kuta Lombok.

That’s why it is called Specials, we love to give you that little bit of extra!

We know you all miss and crave spaghetti and meatballs, pork ribs, vol au vent, meatloaf or a good roast beef, as do we.

We’re more than happy to fill in that void for you of course!

Follow our website, our social media to know what special is on this week!

Feel free to contact us directly for orders or for more info. Even suggestions on something that you really miss and crave are welcome! If it’s possible for us, we’re more than happy to cook you your favorite meal and put you in food heaven!


We’ve tweaked our restaurant menu a few times since we opened last August and we’ve been very happy with the latest version for a while now. We did feel that one thing was still missing that is also very typical for Belgium, especially at lunch time: sandwiches! So we decided to add exactly that for you to enjoy. Grab a sandwich with cheese, chicken, tuna, roast beef or veggies… Eat it here, take it away or get your sandwich delivered for free in Kuta Lombok!

Unique Nightlife @ SAME SAME Hangout

Being located in one of the more residential streets, we had the chance to create a different/unique nightlife vibe in Kuta Lombok.

We decided not to do events like, live bands or live music, well, with a few exceptions of course.

Our tropical garden and the natural feel of our restaurants combined with several lighting effects ( solar lights 😉 ), makes SAME SAME Hangout the place it is ment to be. A nice, relaxing, romantic, family and friends friendly location.

We have over 10 games hanging around, so you can enjoy an evening relaxing and having quality time with the people you are traveling with.

The music choice is also unique in Kuta Lombok. Nice tunes that are being played over quality speakers fill the air with loving songs.

May we invite you to come and give us a try?
We promise we won’t let you down.

See you soon !

Bart and Elfi