PAST EVENT! “Vegan Voyage: A Culinary Journey in Kuta Lombok”

October 31, 2023

When you merge the culinary traditions of Belgium and France with a compassionate choice for the environment and animals, you get a vegan gastronomic adventure that’s truly unparalleled. This was the essence of SAME SAME Hangout’s “Vegan Voyage: A Culinary Journey.”

A Celebration of Vegan Delights In a world where veganism is not just a dietary preference but a lifestyle for many, we at SAME SAME Hangout felt the need to dedicate a month to this compassionate culinary movement. Vegan Voyage was a celebration of flavors, textures, and aromas, all devoid of animal products yet overflowing with love and authenticity.

Local, Organic, and Fresh Central to this vegan extravaganza was our commitment to sustainability. By sourcing local and organic produce, we ensured that our dishes were not only vegan but also eco-friendly. From the freshly picked vegetables to the organic grains, every ingredient narrated a tale of nature’s bounty.

Vegan Vol-au-Vent & Belgian-style Seitan Stew Among the many delicacies introduced during this month, two dishes stood out: the Vegan Vol-au-Vent and the Belgian-style Seitan Stew. The former, a light puff pastry shell brimming with a hearty vegan filling, became an instant hit. On the other hand, the Seitan Stew, inspired by traditional Belgian cooking, was a perfect blend of rich flavors and tender, meaty seitan chunks.

Embracing Veganism, the SAME SAME Way Throughout the Vegan Voyage month, SAME SAME Hangout became a haven for vegan enthusiasts and curious foodies alike. The feedback was overwhelming, with many applauding the restaurant’s effort to bring vegan versions of classic Belgian-French dishes to the table. The culinary journey was not just about pleasing the palate, but it was also a statement – that delicious food can be ethical and sustainable.

Missed out on the Vegan Voyage? Fret not! We continually strive to innovate and bring you diverse culinary experiences. Stay updated with our latest events and special menus by following our website and Instagram.

Here’s to more vegan adventures, delicious moments, and sustainable choices. Cheers!

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