IN THE PAST: “Lombok-Belgium Fusion Fest” at SAME SAME Hangout

November 4, 2022

Lombok and Belgium may be worlds apart geographically, but at SAME SAME Hangout, they come together in a unique culinary embrace. The “Lombok-Belgium Fusion Fest” was a bold initiative that celebrated the harmonious blend of Lombok’s vibrant flavors with Belgium’s rich culinary heritage.

A Fusion Like No Other The festival was an ode to innovation – a challenge we took upon ourselves to intertwine the essence of Lombok’s tropical spirit with the heartwarming comfort of Belgian cuisine. It was a week-long festivity that turned into a feast for the senses.

Dishes that Danced with Diversity Our chefs, armed with spices from the hills of Lombok and recipes from the cobblestone streets of Brussels, created a menu that was as daring as it was delicious.

Highlight: The ‘Nasi Goreng meets Stoofvlees’ – a dish where the quintessential Indonesian fried rice was topped with tender Belgian beef stew, simmered to perfection with a hint of local sambal for that extra kick.

Nasi Goreng with Belgium Beef Stew Chunks

Dessert Delight: The ‘Pisang Waffle’ – a delightful twist on the classic Belgian waffle, topped with caramelized Lombok bananas, a sprinkle of palm sugar, and a scoop of artisanal coconut ice cream.

A Celebratory Atmosphere With traditional Lombok music blending with tunes from Brussels, the ambiance was electric. The vibrant décor, featuring motifs from both cultures, set the stage for an immersive experience.

More Than Just a Festival “Lombok-Belgium Fusion Fest” wasn’t just about food; it was a testament to the beauty of cultural fusion. It was about pushing boundaries and celebrating the unlikely yet wonderful union of different worlds.

While the Fusion Fest has concluded, the spirit of exploration continues at SAME SAME Hangout. Our regular menu features hints of this fusion, and we’re always experimenting with new combinations.

Eager to taste the innovation for yourself? Visit us at SAME SAME Hangout or follow our Instagram for the latest fusion adventures and culinary delights that await.

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